China's economic expansion into developing countries

China's economic expansion into developing countries


The monograph examines the problem of China's expansion into developing countries and the consequences of such expansion for the world order, international trade, economic integration and globalization in the modern world. Theoretical bases of the phenomenon of economic expansion, stages and tools of realization of strategy of global economic expansion on an example of China are developed, and also theoretical bases of formation of foreign economic policy of China concerning Ukraine are defined. In particular, the specifics of project implementation within the Belt and Road initiative, the features of economic cooperation with Latin America and Africa were analyzed; a theoretical model was analyzed that analyzes the factors influencing China 's economic expansion through foreign direct investment, and this model was tested using a detailed empirical analysis.
For scholars, graduate students, masters, students of economics and international relations, as well as anyone interested in the problems of economic expansion and foreign direct investment by China in developing countries.

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