Shoot the starling

Shoot the starling


As you know, the starling is a small bird of a number of sparrows, which due to its ability to polyphony often mimics other birds, and sometimes even humans. No wonder
The Ukrainian version of its name comes from the Proto-Slavic "ščpak", which, in turn, was formed from the verb "ščipati" - "pinch", used to mean "tease", "imitate". Of course, it's okay if this rascal is sitting in a tree and mocking his victims remotely, but what if a loud gallows settles in someone's head?
Here is a collection of stories of people who are said to have "a starling". They are close by: they walk the same streets, ride minibuses, subways or trains, sit at neighboring tables in pubs. However, very often we do not even guess that in the minds of these people displays trills Sturnus vulgaris.

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