"I accept the death sentence!", Or Who he is - Stepan Bandera

"I accept the death sentence!", Or Who he is - Stepan Bandera


Some still consider Stepan Bandera a traitor to the Ukrainian people, a murderer of millions of Ukrainians, Poles and Jews. From their brains, "contused by Stalinism" (in the words of Polycarp Shafeta), this sediment of powerful communist propaganda is unlikely to fade. So let it rot there calmly, under the funeral bell of the constitutional right to freedom of worldview.

That's why this book is not for them.

It is for those people who are able to adjust their brains to critical thinking. It is mainly for those whose consciousness was touched only by a ricochet by Stepan Bandera's embrace, and for those for whom Stepan Bandera is still terra incognita.

I myself went to Stepan Bandera for a long time. His name was timid to mention, and the word "Banderite" was perceived as a sentence that could deprive not only peace but also life.

For the first time under the portrait of Stepan Bandera I found myself in a column of Lviv residents in 1989. I confess, I was not very comfortable: I did not believe in the possibility of such a large-scale insult to this historical figure.

My active insight came during my participation in the activities of the Lviv Regional Society "Memorial". And then came the literature, which caused an urgent desire to make with the help of dry documented historical facts his matrix of a portrait of Stepan Bandera. As a result: in 2010 I wrote an article of the same name, with which the thinking reader could paint a vivid image of this man in his imagination.

It became the first article about S. Bandera written by a lawyer.

This book is another kind of apology to his soul for many years of contempt.